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I entered into the Real Estate Industry in the late 1980’s. At which time I dealt mainly with HUD Properties that were on the market For Sale, Richard Long in the Lubbock Office was our District Manager. We covered the Territory from Amarillo to Childress to Follett-the whole Texas Panhandle. Within a few years, 1991, I became a Real Estate Broker. In the years since becoming involved in the Real Estate Industry, we have seen so many changes take place. The Regulations put on Real Estate Appraisers, Home Inspectors to the Mortgage Lenders to the Education Requirements for Real Estate Associates to the Brokers. It is almost a full time job keeping abreast all the New Forms and Rules.


I have had the honor in working with all types of Clients. From the First Time Home Buyer, Relocation Purchaser’s and Family Estate Properties to People just wanting to Move Back Home to Pampa.


I take Pride in having the Knowledge to help my Clients thru the Entire Process. Starting with Qualifying for the Mortgage with the Lender, making sure they have all the required Documentation Sent in, the Home Inspections, Appraisal Process to ultimately the Title Company which has been involved since the beginning as well for Final Closing.  


I look forward to a Working Relationship I can be proud of and you as my Client knowing you received the best possible help and guidance in Purchasing Your DREAM HOME.

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